Different Online Shopping Experience in Brilliant IdEA Market

A survey has been conducted by MARS Indonesia (Study E-Commerce Indonesia in 2016) in mid 2016 to measure the market size of e-commerce business in Indonesia at the moment and how big the potential market for the future, knowing the perception, understanding and readiness of the Indonesian consumer to business e- commerce and not free to give appreciation to business e-commerce in order to continue to innovate in developing the business and managing the business.

The era of the internet of things (IOT) into the development momentum of e-commerce in Indonesia. Several research institutes even find the insight that there are still many Indonesian people who still feel insecure on the business of e-commerce, especially with regard to transaction security and payment methods. Payment gateway must be one of the critical points to build TRUST customer that e-commerce business can continue to grow in the future. (For e-Commerce, the most important thing is TRUST, Jack Ma).

Bank Rakyat Indonesia as Award-Winning Gold in the category Trusted Brand in the Indonesia e-Commerce Award 2016 organized by IDEA, MARS Indonesia and SWA Magazine in Jakarta on December 1, 2016 showed that the current level of consumer confidence in online learning in Indonesia is increasing as where the survey results were also reported by Nielsen November 2016 (Global survey of Consumer Confidence and spending Intention Q3 2016) which states that Indonesia is the third most optimistic in dealing with online shopping. Indonesia on top with 122 points is India (133) and the Philippines (132). This is a Nielsen survey conducted in approximately 30 thousand respondents in 63 countries.

In response to these positive developments, in late 2016 Indonesia E-Commerce Association (IDEA), which is a means of communication between actors industry E-Commerce Indonesia will present a themed event Brilliant Idea Market in cooperation with BANK BRI. Brilliant Idea Market is an "event shopping transactions directly by business sellers online to offline", these activities provide education and customer experiences to consumers to order the future can be more comfortable and feel more secure when shopping online.

This event will take place over 3 days, located on Jl. TPH - Senayan City, on December 16, s / d December 18, 2016 by presenting 121 Merchant is also the continuation of the implementation of HARBOLNAS (Day Online Shopping National) which falls on December 12, 2016 and coincides with the anniversary of BRI to-121 that crashed on December 16, 2016. Overall the transaction at the time of Brilliant Idea Market Event will be supported entirely by Bank BRI by presenting a variety of exciting program for loyal customers of Bank BRI, by providing experience transacting cashless or digital in particular through various online payment tool BRI including e- Pay, Pay by QR Code, Credit Card and Online BRIVA

The program which will be implemented in Event Brilliant Idea Market, among others, Promo Program Merchant Brilliant Idea Market towards HUT BRI 121 with an additional discount of 21% or a price of Rp.121.000, -, furthermore Gebyar Gift 121 Brilliant Idea Market (Special Price USD .121, -), Program Wheel of Fortune Brilliant Idea Market, LelangE-Commerce Program Brilliant Idea Market, Get Member Program Internet Banking Market and Program Brilliant Idea Brilliant Idea Market Midnight Sale
Event mengusungkonsep online to offline is greeted enthusiastically by the industry of e-commerce, in particular members of IDEA and also the creative industry in Indonesia.

Brilliant Idea Market will provide a different customer experience to the citizens and netizens. Business e-commerce is growing provides a great opportunity for various stakeholders to participate actively and contribute their best to the advancement of digital business in Indonesia. Brilliant Idea Market presence as a closed event this year is one concrete step BRI and Idea in providing education and dissemination to the general public about the things that concern the current government, namely; less cash society. IDEA hopes for the future will be more parties to do the same; "Education and socialization" said Aulia Marinto, KetuaUmum IDEA.