Together with IDEA Socialize APPNIA Ethics and Rules Restrictions Formula Milk Marketing through Online Promotion

Jakarta, February 30, 2017 - Association of Nutritious Products for Mother and Child (APPNIA) in cooperation with IDEA (e-Commerce Association of Indonesia) as a forum online traffickers, held a workshop entitled Dissemination Infant Formula Marketing Policy for Children Aged 0-12 months through Online promotion at Hotel JS Luwansa, Jakarta. Socialization programs reserved for all stakeholders of e-commerce ecosystem was attended and supported by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Trade.

The rapid transformation of technology promotion has encouraged businesses to sell products with a variety of strategies and through a variety of media, including the marketing of infant formula products of children aged 0-12 months through online media. The event was organized due to a number of national and international regulations have set the formula for children under 1 year can only be obtained through the recommendation of medical personnel and should not be marketed commercially through any medium. The regulations set forth in the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes by WHO, the Law no.36 of 2009 on Health, and Government Regulation No.33 of 2012 on Exclusive Breastfeeding.

Violations that occur around the Milk Marketing Formula in online media is also not free from ignorance and lack of understanding of the online merchants regarding the applicable regulations. In fact, each of the companies that produce infant formula has policies and code of conduct of each referring solely on those regulations. Seeing the need for further education on online businesses, APPNIA cooperate with IDEA held a workshop to disseminate the ethics and policies in marketing formula to businesses, e-commerce platform provider, agency / publisher, media and the general public.

Maurits Klavert, APPNIA Chairman stated, "APPNIA always uphold ethics in marketing of milk formula for children aged 0-12 months. Seeing the rapid buying and selling businesses online, we hope that the marketing of infant formula in all channels, including e-commerce could remain in compliance with applicable regulations. We are pleased to be working with the idea of ​​embracing the online business operators and socialize them guidelines for marketing infant formula properly. "

APPNIA cooperation with IDEA produce pedomanc ara-way can and can not do in the marketing of milk formula for children aged 0-12 months in the online media. Among others are; banned display the products in the area of ​​promotion, are prohibited from using the image and provide a description of the excessive and does not fit the label, prohibited sale price reduction, it is forbidden to give a bonus gift, and are prohibited from providing products free of charge. To be more easily understood, the guidelines poured into matter infographics with attractive design and easy to read.

"APPNIA will always push the national program of exclusive breastfeeding for infants 0-6 months active. It's been our job to make sure all members of APPNIA comply with applicable regulations in Indonesia and the WHO Code of marketing of breast milk substitutes. This work is done by actively partnering with the government and other related parties. One embodiment of our commitment to ensure appropriate infant formula marketing regulations is through our association with this idea, "said Maurits.

Meanwhile, SetyoHarsono, Head of External Cooperation IDEA states that the rapid growth in the world of E-Commerce, the IDEA welcomes the initiative of APPNIA in providing education about the ethics of advertising formula products as part of a program to support exclusive breastfeeding in Indonesia.

IDEA as an association that houses businesses E-Commerce industry and pendukungannya continue to encourage its members and the general public to always give priority to consumer protection aspects in the world of E-Commerce, as referred prihal kosumen protection is one of the pillars of the Roadmap E-Commerce in Indonesia.

"Hopefully, socialization and education from a variety of stakeholders such as government, APPNIA, Idea and DewanPeriklanan Indonesia can provide insight and information on regulatory law and ethics in advertising in the digital world in promoting and selling goods." Said Setyo.