South Sumatra SMEs Onboarding Workshop

In an effort to advance the digital economy in South Sumatra, KpW Bank Indonesia South Sumatra collaborated with the Indonesian E-Commerce Association to organize an MSME Onboarding Workshop. Uniquely, this Onboarding Workshop has 3 stages that all participants need to follow, namely the Offline training stage from June 30 to July 1, then the online training stage with six sessions starting from July 25 to August 10, and the mentoring stage from August 16. until September 20. This training was attended by 30 participants who were selected through a curation process from KpW Bank Indonesia, South Sumatra.

Currently, participants are actively participating in session after session of online training which is held twice a week via Zoom. The material learned in the online training is a deepening of the material that participants have obtained in the offline training, as well as some additional material, including digital research, building reseller and dropshipper networks, to how to read and understand digital reports. In addition to Zoom sessions, remote training is also complemented by consultation sessions via Whatsapp Groups, which are held one day after each training session. The existence of a consultation session gives participants the opportunity to ask questions and consult their business with resource persons, outside of the Zoom session.

With this Workshop and Training, it is hoped that more MSMEs from South Sumatra will be promoted through the digital ecosystem.