Webinar "Automation System; Difficult Times, Must Do Efficiency"

In the midst of increasingly fierce business competition in 2023, business actors must remain optimistic and continue to innovate. One of them is by utilizing technology that can make a business effective, efficient and fast in handling consumer needs.

Due to this urgency, idEA together with Message Bird held a Webinar entitled "Automation System; Difficult Times Must Do Efficiencyā€¯ which was held on Thursday, January 26 2023. At the first idEA Webinar in 2023, Business Practitioner Muhammad Rosihan and Message Bird Business Development Manager Mey Hendrawan were present as resource persons.

On this occasion, Rosihan and Mey unanimously conveyed the importance of maintaining good communication and customer journey, so that a business does not just attract consumers, but also makes consumers loyal to the business. Taking into account the long-term effects, MSMEs need to get out of their comfort zone and take advantage of technological sophistication, so that businesses can immediately move up a class.