Top 25 CISO Luncheon Talk – NCC 2022

As part of the National Cybersecurity Connect 2022 event held on October 26 - 27 at Menara Bidakara, Jakarta, the General Chairperson of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association Bima Laga was one of the keynote speakers at the Top 25 CISO Luncheon Talk Session, together with Executive VP Enterprise Security BCA Lily Wongso and Head of Division of Securities Transaction Regulatory OJK Junaidi Smart Tarigan.

The Top 25 CISO Luncheon Talk is one of the programs at NCC 2022 that carries the Talk Show concept, where the activity also invites CISO representatives and InfoSec leaders from 25 large organizations/companies in Indonesia to gather and discuss the implementation of the Protection Law. Personal Data (UU-PDP) on the implementation of cyber security systems in the organization/company. This activity is expected to be a forum for discussions about cyber security in the business and business sector in Indonesia.