Talkshow "Digital Fraud in Indonesia: Mode, Medium, and Recommendations"

Digitization, in addition to bringing various opportunities and conveniences, of course also has its own challenges. One of the biggest challenges of digitalization is the presence of irresponsible people who take advantage of technology, security holes and consumer ignorance to commit fraud. As a form of contribution from academics and industry players to create a safe and comfortable digital ecosystem for all, last Wednesday, August 24, the Center for Digital Society Universitas Gadjah Mada held a talkshow entitled ‚ÄúDigital Fraud in Indonesia; Mode, Medium and Recommendations‚ÄĚ.

As a representative of the industry players, the Head of PPGR of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association, Rofi Uddarojat, was present virtually at the talkshow. Rofi conveyed, specifically in the case of buying and selling online, in addition to fraud, there were also cases of default such as orders that did not match, goods did not arrive and so on. As a solution, the majority of online marketplace platforms currently have payment schemes where the money paid by consumers is not directly given to the seller, but goes into the joint account of the platform and will be forwarded to the seller after the consumer confirms the goods have arrived and there are no complaints. Rofi continued, to avoid cases of consumer fraud, it is necessary to know with whom he is making transactions, and to be extra vigilant when transacting on platforms that do not provide payment mechanisms, for example on social media.