Talkshow and Discussion "Suppressing the Impact of FOMO in Online Shopping Trends"

To find out how vulnerable Indonesian people are to fraud, last September Blibli initiated a social experiment called VomoShop. Through this experiment, it was discovered that 4 out of 5 online consumers had the potential to be exposed to fraud.

Increasing consumer awareness before making transactions is also the responsibility of industry players, so that consumers avoid fraud. Through VomoShop, Blibli provides education to consumers to always Verify, Observe, Easy access to information, and Official which means official and guaranteed, or can be abbreviated as VOMO.

The #IngatVOMO educational movement is the result of Blibli's collaboration with the government, industry associations, brand owners, mass media and communities. Last Thursday, November 30, the Indonesian E-Commerce Association also held a talk show and discussion entitled Suppressing the Impact of FOMO in Online Shopping Trends, which was attended by member representatives, the secretariat and the media, as part of the Association's support for this movement