Bank Indonesia Socialization - Strategies for Combating Counterfeit Money

Digitalization, followed by increasingly rapid economic development, seems to have created its own challenges. The rapid increase in printing technology, the internet which can easily display any information, and social media which has become a center for free buying and selling, have been used by irresponsible elements to spread counterfeit rupiah. For this reason, Bank Indonesia organized a Socialization of Counterfeit Money Strategies.

Circulation of counterfeit money cannot be taken lightly. The reason is, this can bring financial losses, economic inflation, to reduce the dignity of the rupiah in international eyes. In order to prevent the circulation of counterfeit rupiah, the public needs to know about the latest bill designs, as well as how to ensure their authenticity. The most common, namely by looking-touched-eyesighted. In fact, the slightest concern can have a positive impact on the nation and state.