Last Session of EUKM Level Up 2022 Training

One of the training series as a result of the collaboration between the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) and Meta Indonesia, EUKM Level Up Training, has held its 5th and final Session in 2022, last Wednesday, September 14. It is called Level Up training, because the training targets business actors who have leveled up or have advanced classes, in the sense that they have been able to take advantage of at least 1 of the 3 main digital economy tools provided by Meta, namely Business Facebook, Business Instagram, and Business Whatsapp.

In the last session, EUKM Level Up Training presented Digital Marketing Practitioner Tommy Arno Funz as a speaker, with the theme "Short Video Concepts and Live Shows that Harvest Viewers". The topic was chosen because of its relevance to the current needs and trends of MSME promotions on social media, which are starting to shift from photo and infographic content to interactive short video content. It is hoped that, after going through 5 training sessions, the participants can improve product quality, promotion and after-sales, so that their business can progress and increase turnover.

Look forward to the EUKM Level Up Training in the following year, OK!