North Maluku BUMDes and MSME Skill Up Session with Pertamina

As part of a series of North Maluku BUMDes and MSMEs Training, each Top Brand supporting the event provided a special training session for the participants to provide supporting business knowledge, which was more technical and specific. Different from other Top Brands, Pertamina holds 4 Skill Up Sessions for participants, starting from Monday, 22 August 2022 to Monday, 29 August 2022.

Four Skill Up Training sessions from Pertamina covered interesting themes, namely Photo Techniques, Business Whatsapp Optimization, Digital Copywriting, Selly Keyboard and Tricks to Increase Sales in the Digital Age. The Skill Up session received quite good interest from the participants, coupled with a Live Q&A session with special rewards for the 3 best questioners in each session. Hopefully, through the Skill Up Session, BUMDes and MSMEs in North Maluku will be more confident to step up and onboard the Digital Ecosystem.