Provision of MSMEs assisted by the South Sumatra Provincial Trade Service

In order to increase Promotion of Domestic Products through E-Commerce for MSME business actors, Thursday 17 November 2022 the South Sumatra Province Trade Office held business skills training activities in the digitalization era for its MSME partners. Rofi Uddarojat, Head of PPGR idEA, was present in person in the city of Palembang as one of the speakers at the event.

On this occasion, Rofi shared information with the MSME entrepreneurs present, especially regarding digital product promotion opportunities by onboarding on e-commerce platforms, as well as regarding government regulations related to trade through electronic systems (PMSE). Rofi said that in order to reach wider consumers, MSMEs need to be onboard in e-commerce. For those who are new to onboarding, there are currently many free onboarding webinars and training sessions, both organized by the e-commerce platform itself, and in collaboration with other parties, as is also often held by idEA. Rofi also advised MSME actors not to be afraid to try the features and programs provided by the e-commerce platform.