MSME Training to Win Gernas BBI West Sumatra

As part of the National Movement for Proudly Made in Indonesia, West Sumatra, on Tuesday, April 26, the West Sumatra BBI Gernas Champion MSME Training program was launched. The program is the result of collaboration between the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Bank BRI, the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) and has received support from many parties. The main objective of the training program with a total of 5 sessions is to accelerate the ability to do business in the digital economy era for MSME actors in West Sumatra.

Not only material, the program will also provide rewards in the form of advertising funds for selected participants through the curation process. In addition, there are also prizes for the diligent and independent category of participants. At the end of the program, five champion SMEs will be invited to attend directly at the peak of the West Sumatra BBI Gernas event. To start the first session, the General Chairperson of idEA Bima Laga was present and greeted the MSMEs who were virtual participants. Bima advised that the participants could take part in the program with full commitment, because what had been designed and prepared had gone through careful consideration for the progress of the MSME participants' businesses.