Building Digital Sovereignty - Economic Challenges Metro TV

As an association that oversees the Digital Economy players, the General Chair of idEA Bima Laga was present as a resource person at the Economic Challenges Metro TV Program, last Tuesday, July 26. With the theme DEWG G20: The Challenge of Digital Sovereignty, Bima shared his opinion on various digital issues, including the rules for administering the electronic system (PSE), and the use of electronic data.

Bima said that idEA as an association understands the government's interest, in this case Kominfo, to invite perpetrators to register for PSE. This is for the sake of monitoring content that is safe for the public in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. idEA also stated that there are still several points in Permenkominfo 5/2020 whose implementation needs to be clarified through derivative rules. To that end, idEA together with member companies actively conduct hearings and ask the government to revise and improve Permenkominfo 5/2020, by clarifying several articles so as to help the digital platform / PSE to fulfill the requested obligations.