Harkonas idEA x Blibli; Discussion on Using Technology and Curation to protect Consumer Rights

Along with the change in people's shopping habits from offline to online, comes the challenge of fulfilling consumer rights when transacting on digital platforms. For this reason, ahead of National Consumer Day 2022, on April 18, Blibli together with the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) held a virtual discussion entitled Utilization of Technology and Curation to protect Consumer Rights. Of the many challenges that need to be overcome in providing the best online shopping experience to consumers, the focus of discussion includes providing complete and accurate information regarding the products being marketed, being responsive to questions, following up on complaints, ensuring the packaging process to the delivery process as promised by the merchant.

On this occasion, the General Chair of the Indonesian E-commerce Association (idEA), Bima Laga admitted that e-commerce industry players still have to intensively conduct education related to the exposure of product descriptions that are in accordance with real conditions. In line with Bima, the Directorate General of Consumer Protection and Orderly Commerce of the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, Veri Anggrijono expressed his commitment and his staff to be able to provide legal certainty for consumer protection.

As one of the E-Commerce companies in Indonesia, Blibli understands that product curation and daily monitoring are important things to do to maintain consumer rights and satisfaction. To ensure this, Blibli SVP Commercial Analytics, Restu Kresnadi explained that the process of a seller being able to sell an online store at Blibli does not just happen, but through a strict curation process to ensure the products to be marketed are legal, do not violate government regulations, and have quality with authenticity that can be accounted for.