LOMBOK MONTH IN BBI: Recommendations for Mandatory Souvenirs from Lombok

When going on vacation to Lombok, maybe most of you don't think about what souvenirs to bring from there. The only thing that comes to mind is spending quality vacation time by playing on the beach or other famous tourist spots.

In fact, Lombok has a myriad of choices of souvenirs that you must take home, be it food, drinks, to special handicraft souvenirs that you will not find anywhere else.

Curious about what can be used as souvenirs from Lombok? Check out some of the recommendations from BBI below!

1. Underarm Webbing

The woven ketak was first developed around 1986 in Nyurbaya Gawah Village, Narmada District, West Lombok Regency, because of the abundant raw materials there. In 1988 the government began to conduct intensive and intensive coaching in the form of skills training, design development, exhibitions both locally and nationally, so that this woven product could develop from West Lombok, Central Lombok to East Lombok.

This wicker is made from a wild plant called ketak which is then woven into various shapes such as coasters, women's bags, jewelry boxes, various home decorations, barrels, to decorative tables.

2. Lombok Pearl

Lombok is also famous for its worldwide charm of pearls. Lombok seawater and freshwater shells are capable of producing large and shiny pearls. Moreover, combined with gold, silver, and rhodium can boost the price of this jewelry to penetrate tens of millions.

In the Sekarbela area, which is located in Mataram City, we can find pearl traders from kiosk sellers, big shops, to street vendors. The choices are also very diverse, from pearl grains to pearls that have been strung into jewelry.

3. Thief's Jug

Lombok also produces unique crafts from clay. You can find various kinds of unique pottery in Banyumulek Village. One of the most eye-catching pottery crafts is the thief's jug.

The original pottery from the residents of Banyumelek Village is the most sought after by tourists. At first glance this jug is no different from a jug in general. It's just that the handle or neck of the jug looks longer. The thief's jug is made long and narrow at the neck, so to enter water we need to do it from the bottom of the jug, like a thief who enters through the bottom and then leaves through the top. In addition, this jug also has the same function, namely to store water to keep it cool.

4. Cukli Crafts in Lendang Re Village

Cukli handicrafts are handicrafts made of wood with embellished pieces of seashells, which are planted in wood. For example, ashtrays, frames, tissue boxes, jewelry boxes, chairs, tables, cabinets, to beds.

Because it is quite complicated to manufacture and requires high accuracy, this cukli has a high selling value.

5. Gasing Lombok (Begasingan)

The Sasak people have a fairly old traditional game called Begasingan. This typical Lombok top has its own type. there are large ones that are used to hit called pemantok, and also small tops to be rotated or installed are called penggorong or Pelapas.

Begasingan is made of wood which is shaped in such a way according to the tradition of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin, given a fairly long rope wrapped around the neck of the begasing. The rope is wrapped neatly until it runs out.

Begasingan game can be played by two people. The first player is called the bat, better known as the pemakek peg, while the second player, the player who is hit is known as the release, ngejang or masang.

This game begins by rolling the rope neatly on the neck of the stranger. Players who are hit release their rivals by throwing them to the ground. Then the batsman releases the bat until it hits the bat that was hit. The player who is declared the winner is the player whose rival survives and continues to spin even though he is hit.

Those are all 5 unique Lombok souvenir ideas. It's so unique!