MONTH OF WEST JAVA AT BBI: Bandung Original Local Apparel that You Must Have

As a millennial, looking eye catching and contemporary is a must. Starting from hair styling to high end fashion choices are the main consumption of this generation X successor. In fact, to look fashionable, you don't need to buy high-end products at exorbitant prices, there are lots of choices of local clothing brands that offer styles and quality that are no less cool.

Talking about clothing brands, one of the areas for producing quality local brands is none other than the city of Bandung. Besides being famous for its unique culinary delights, Bandung is also famous for its wide selection of clothing brands that have dominated the local market and have even entered foreign markets. This reflects the quality of local products that are not inferior to foreign products.

For those of you millennials who are looking for the latest fashion collection to own, let's take a look at some of the recommendations for the local Bandung brand, the BBI version, below!

1. 3Second

This local brand is very popular among young people. Established since 1997, this brand is firmly attached to streetwear fashion lovers.

3second is spread over 360 stores in Indonesia and even abroad. You will easily find 3second in major Indonesian malls. Then, now 3second can also be ordered online.

What's interesting is that many young people are proud to wear T-shirts from this brand. However, they thought this brand came from abroad.

2. Bloods

One brand that is quite busy and has a lot of fans, Bloods. Who would have thought that at first Bloods left goods in several Bandung distributions, until now it has its own concept store and has become a well-known brand in Indonesia.

In running its business, Bloods prioritizes two things, namely product quality and good service. For Bloods, these two things are important to keep the Bloods name good for its consumers.

The price of each outfit is also a separate concern for Bloods. As much as possible, Bloods sells his outfit at a price that can be reached by the general public. This is because the distribution is identical to the price that is easily accessible by the public.

3. Wadezig

One of the local brands from Bandung, namely Wadezig! emerged because they wanted to create a fashion product that had a work of art in its outfit design. It's also because of Wadezig! born in the midst of the art and design community.

Since its establishment in 2003, Wadezig! indeed known as a brand that prioritizes design, especially its street art designs. This is also what distinguishes Wadezig! with other fashion brands.

for those of you who want to have a distro shirt with a street art design, you can visit the Wadezig offline store! which is located on Jl. Sultan Agung No. 7, Bandung.

Not only t-shirts, you can also get polo shirts, shirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, denim to sandals. One of the uniqueness of Wadezig! is in the Wadezig collection! Artist Series in collaboration with local and international artists, illustrators, photographers and musicians.

Those are the 3 original BBI Bandung brand recommendations, let's continue to support Indonesian local products!