LAKE TOBA MONTH AT BBI: Lake Toba Mandatory Culinary

Starting from Sabang to Merauke, there are lots of choices for culinary tourism from the archipelago that are mouth-watering, and Lake Toba is no exception. With natural views that spoil the eye, this super priority destination is also equipped with various regional foods that have a tempting taste. Exploring the richness of culinary tourism in the archipelago is endless, agree?

But remember, wherever you are, make sure to always maintain cleanliness and obey health protocols. So, meals still feel comfortable and certainly safe.

When you are at Lake Toba, what kind of cuisine are you interested in tasting? Come on, take a look at the list of typical and delicious culinary delights in the BBI version of Lake Toba!

1. Naniura

Naniura is known to be similar to Sushi Orang Batak and more delicious Naniura. This special food comes from Tapanuli, the area around Lake Toba. Naniura is a typical Batak cuisine most famous for its fish that is not cooked, but only seasoned.

In the Batak language itself, Naniura is pickled fish. Naniura is cooked by soaking it in tamarind or kaffir lime water for 6-7 hours.

2. Arsik Goldfish

Arsik Carp originating from the North Sumatra area. This traditional food is made from goldfish which is cooked with special spices so that it produces a distinctive taste and is different from other fish-based dishes.

This typical Toba Batak cuisine tastes very distinctive because it uses andaliman / Batak pepper. This Andaliman will be even more delicious if you add Batak onions. hmmmm so yummy!

3. Napinadar Chicken or Padar Chicken

A typical Batak dish, Napinadar is generally always present at traditional events. This one food has a spicy taste on the tongue because of the use of andaliman. Another characteristic of napinadar is the mixture of proteins used like chicken blood. Therefore, not all religions can enjoy prisoners. Are you interested?

4. Itak Murgur

Itak Gurgur is usually referred to as a traditional food served when offering prayers at certain moments. For example in farming, Itak Gurgur is mentioned in a prayer for blessings in planting rice.

This prayer used to be done after a long dry season in the country of Sagala, then the people prayed in their respective fields and served food. It started to rain and the water started to pool.

Itak gurgur is made very simply without cooking. The main ingredient of this food is rice flour that has been mashed. Before there was a milling tool, rice was only ground as finely as possible. It tastes sweet and savory. Looks like it's also suitable as a snack, right?

For those of you who have a culinary hobby, the Lake Toba area is a suitable place for you to taste the various specialties of this region. The spicy and tender taste of the food is a special part here. Those are the four typical dishes of Lake Toba that you must try!