Business Indonesia Mid Year Economic Outlook

The process of Indonesia's economic recovery after the pandemic is facing difficult challenges. Just look at the increase in food and commodity prices, supply disruptions, not to mention the national and global political upheaval. To review Indonesia's economic conditions in the first half of 2022, as well as assess the challenges ahead, the Indonesian E-commerce Association (idEA) participated in an event held by Bisnis Indonesia, titled the Mid Year Economic Outlook 2022 Forum, which was attended by industry players. In the discussion, industry players were divided into 3 sectors, namely the retail, distribution and e-commerce sector, the telecommunications sector, technology and infrastructure, and the plantation and agricultural sectors.

On this occasion, Bima expressed his optimism for the growth of the e-commerce sector which is predicted to continue to increase, especially with the National Online Shopping Day at the end of the year. Bima added that in order to stay strong and grow in the midst of the chaotic global geopolitical dynamics and various other challenges, digital industry players need to collaborate and work together to make more and more MSMEs go digital. Thus, the digital economy ecosystem will be protected from monopoly and control of only a few players.

Bima ensured that idEA member companies always open up space for collaboration with various parties, in order to advance Indonesia's digital economy.