idEA Logistics Audience

idEA Logistics Manager for the 2022-2024 period who was inaugurated on January 24, had the opportunity to introduce and have an audience with Deputy for Coordination of Commerce and Industry Ali Murtopo Simbolon, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, last Tuesday 7 March.

On this occasion, Even Alex Chandra as Head of the Division conveyed several updates regarding the digital industry, including regarding digital economic growth which is reported to have increased to 20% entering 2023. The meeting was also accompanied by Deputy Chairperson of idEA Hilmi Adrianto, members of the Logistics Division and representatives of the Secretariat .

In addition to discussing updates related to the digital and logistics industry, the first audience also produced output in the form of directives from the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy so that idEA made a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Furniture and Craft Industry Association (HIMKI). The hope is that idEA can collaborate with HIMKI and open up more opportunities for local furniture and craft products to thrive on the E-Commerce platform.